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Gyan For Information Technology welcome you all. This website is based on learning, content enrichment of students and learners.

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Mission: Our mission is to provide an easy and simple tutorials to all learners.

Vision: Our vision is to enlighten our learners to keep update and also give interface to real time environment for skill/ knowledge test in variety of subject areas.

Philosophy: Education ideally helps every child to develop a sprit of love, service and respect: to fully respond to his/her god given potential to learn ad excel in all ungdertakings.

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Some collection of sweet moment of Mr. Gyanendra Verma and his team members


Mr.Gyanendra Verma

at DAV Public School Cantt. Area, Gaya


Sweet Moment

work done and way to home


Presentation Time

I.C.T.( Information & Communication Technology) at school

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CBSE Books

  1. Information Technology (402) - X th : New Download
  2. Information Technology (402) - IX th : New Download
  3. Informatic Practices (165) - XIth : Download
  4. Informatic Practies (165) - XII th : 1| 2| 3| 4|5 Download

Exam Material

Model Papers for Science IXth

1. Model Paper 1
2. Model Paper 2

Model Papers for Science Xth

1. Model Paper 1
2. Model Paper 2


Project for Information Practices

XIIth Swing

1. Library Management System
2. online quiz
3. Calculator
4. Notepad

Software Application With Source code and Report.

1. Notepad Application using JavaSwing with Reports

Online Progress Test


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